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This is a great honour for me to invite you to Divyaman Singh’s Winter Collection an exhibition of the paintings of oil on canvas. Here we have a collection of paintings that depict beautiful emotions and the grandeur of nature. The exhibition is a must see for art lovers and collectors.

The exhibition is being held at All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society, Hall No. 2, 1 – Rafi Marg, New Delhi. The 14 day exhibition is scheduled from 12th January and will conclude on 25th January. Timing for visit are 11 AM to 7 PM.

And here is the detailed description of some of his paintings.

1. Satin Nights

The painting shows how the sea shines by the sky. A really romantic view isn’t it. The relationship between sea and sky is indistinguishable. They possess same colour in day and night. The shiny foam of the water looks like a soft satin cloth that sea has prepared for the sky.

2. The Cave

The painting is of a cave, with light breaking at the centre and diminishing the darkness of the cave. The concept may seem to be quite normal but the difference here is that the light is breaking from inside the cave. This is a pictured metaphor that the light is within you and that light can kill all darkness outside, all you have to do is ignite it.

3. Fickle Happiness, Fickle Light

This particular piece is eye catching as the patterns used in it to show the fireflies is simply beautiful. The fireflies represent the happiness of our lives that changes frequently and that is why the artist used different colours of fireflies. The dark green background is giving an effect of forest in the background that inspires the fireflies to shine more.

4. Blues

The painting depicts a blue sea with different shades of from light blue to dark blue and green. This shows the intense and deep emotion of the artist. The colours soothe and calm the mind but at the same time the painting is very intriguing when you suddenly see the artists bright side being depicted to the world with the deep dark emotions being kept in the corner. The contrasting use of shades in the painting is worth appreciating that tell you it’s not just okay to feel blue but one can also can enjoy being blue.

5. Erupting Mind

Nothing is more interesting than an erupting mind. Do you know what happens when some unhindered thoughts just burst out? That’s exactly what the painting shows you.The mind thinks a thousand things but when it bursts the chaos created in one’s head spreads all over. But as this painting shows chaos is not ugly, but can be beautiful as well. The bright orange at the center of the painting is the vortex of your mind where thoughts are generated that often go unsaid. The painting shows what happenes when too many thoughts are left unsaid.

6. Golden Mountain

Nature and its beauty is captured perfectly in this painting. The artist has created a silhouette of a mountain by colouring the sky in red. The mountains appears to be covered in huge crystals of gold but the white background on the mountain shows that it is actually snow coloured in sunlight giving it an appearance of a mountain of gold.

7. Into The Horizon

Horizon is the line that distinguishes the earth and the sky and defines the whole difference between the both. But at the same time this same line dissolves all the differences. The earth and the sky are of same colour in the painting distinguished by a thin grey line of the horizon. The black boundary in the right corner shows that the down portion of the painting from horizon is the earth in which the boundaries are on the land but there is none in the horizon. No one can part it or acquire it.

8. Spotting a Prey

A tiger and his reflection in the water in the painting show how attentive and focused he is while looking for his prey. Prey is the survival key for the tiger and it is the most important concern for him.

9. The Dark Horse

The whole painting is red and white except the horse that is in black. Red symbolizes excitement, power and strength. The horse symbolizes the free spirit that can roam around without any restriction. Here the free soul is wandering around in the world where the sky and earth are soaked in positive energy. But as in other paintings the horse is dark and the environment around him hasn’t affected him and that is why he is still wandering in his dreams.

10. Young Roar

A roar of a mature beast is nothing special, but the first roar of a young cub is certainly worth noticing. It puts all his energy and concentration on the roar, as it is the most important habit the animal. The young tiger here closing his eyes and putting all his might into declaring to the jungle he has arrived. The colours used in the painting on the tiger shows his energy and enthusiasm for the coming challenges.

11. Supernova

The new birthing of a star looks like a fresh blooming flower. The background of the painting is black and depicts the universe. The star takes birth by killing the darkness around it.

12. Nature’s Colours

The painting proves that nothing is empty, even air has colour. If colours are used to depict the existence of things, the world is vivid and is surrounded by so many colours. The perspective of the painting to fill up the emptiness through colours and the effect is mesmerizing.

13. Rainbow Sand

This painting makes you feel that sand dunes have come alive with colours. The colourful dunes show how even deadly and lifeless sand can be beautiful, the only thing they need is colour.

14. True Companions

True companions are noticeable in this larger than life painting. A horse and the it’s rider moving towards a new brighter place. The left side of the painting is mostly covered with black that shows that the world they were in has become corrupt and so they are moving towards the other side that is bright. A companion accompanies you wherever you go.

15. Silhouette of Trees

The painting is divided into two equal halves in which one side is receiving sunlight and other half is in darkness. The painting wouldn’t have been meaningful if it would have had only a single type of silhouette. The two halves balance each other and depict the ups and downs of the life.

16. The Universe

This painting shows the cosmic phenomenon of the echo in colour created by the expansion of a star. The arrangement of the colour blurs as it comes outwards and diminishes and that is why it is called Echoes.

17. Thundering falls & Resolute Man

This painting is a contrast in both the subject and how black and white is juxtaposed. The shiny white and powerful flow of water shows how violent, mesmerizing and extravagant nature can be. The person standing in front of it is tiny and but sees the conflict in his mind physically manifest in the waterfall. The massive waterfall soothes the inner conflict.

18. Mackenna’s Gold

The enormous Grand Canyon in one frame. The painting shows it’s not difficult to overcome any hurdle and mark your existence distinctively. The Grand Canyon here represents the downfalls and bad experiences of life that actually push you towards victory. The tiny horse in the painting is shown walking uphill emerging from the depths. It is also a march towards light after emerging from the darkness.

19. Colourful Waves

Colours are the true source of happiness. As it said that all colour emerges from white light, this painting depicts many colours in a single wave. The bright colours denote the happiness and cheerfulness. Only a bright mind can produce bright things. Being happy is the most important thing in one’s life. Positivity being reflected in multiple ways.

20. The Mesmerizer

This painting is surely a mesmerizer. Almost all shades of pink are used in this painting. From the center of orange hues of pink to the red hues of pink. It seems as if a pink ocean is emerging you into a calm. Pink is a delicate colour, thus it also shows the different shades of nature.

21. Light Budhdha
The artist has used blue at the bottom to establish that the face of the budhdha is in the sky. The face of the budhdha is in the left of the painting and rest of the space is vacant that suggests the world is an extension of Budhdha himself. The half open eyes are in equipoise meditation, depicting that Budhdha is working for sentient beings. He is aware of his surroundings and has maintained balance in meditation and awareness of the world.

22. Dark Budhdha
This painting is calm and poised. Budhdha eyes are half opened here, this is his way to maintain the balance between inner and outer experience. But his surrounding his black which means that Budhdha is unaware of his surrounding and is in deep meditation. The yellow tone on his face depicts the spiritual glow.

About the Artist

Divyaman Singh is the grandson of renowned artist and Member of Parliament Sri Awadesh Kumar Singh, whose paintings were exhibited at the Parliament under the tenure of Shri Dr. S Radhakrishnan as the President. Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Divyaman’s first solo exhibition titled ‘Ethereal’ was well received in January 2017 at Pearey Lal Bhawan, New Delhi. Divyaman firmly believes that art cannot be taught. Using oil and acrylic on canvas, he splashes colours and uses bold brush strokes to express the amalgamation of the grandeur of nature and quest for solitude. Divyaman feels truly at home only when surrounded by forests and mountains. He developed a strong bond with nature early on while growing up in Chaugain, a village in the Buxar district of Bihar. A commerce graduate, Divyaman is currently part of his family business and is a former model and actor.

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