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BOL: Let us talk about the language of language

Storia senza storia , a Mumbai based theater group is coming to perform their widely acclaimed play BOL at Stein Auditorium, Habitat Centre Delhi on 30th July.

Bol is one of the full length play of the theater group ‘Storia senza Storia’, which means “story-less stories” in Italian.

Written by Akriti Singh and Shaurya Agarwal, Bol is a play about language. The play is all about exploring our languages. It talks about our dying dialects like Urdu, maithili, brij, haurauti, kannauji etc as a new internet language is taking over (the language of LOL, Bea, Dae, Noob…)

While the play Bol will make you travel through the world of poetry and stories, from Sufis to internet memes, it will also talk about the stories behind words.

The writer and director Akriti Singh believes that, “An old much loved language is dying while a new language is being born. This new language will form our society – it will reinvent our society. Let us talk about the language of language.”

The play has opened at Prithvi Theatre on 27th May, 2016. The artists have performed at various big venues like Sudarshan Kala Manch Pune, Cuckoo Club Bandra to wide acclaim. The play was also staged at Kala Ghoda Festival, Mumbai 2017.

The cast of the group includes Pratik Kothari, Arshad Mumtaz, Sriparna, Rigved Maurya, with Akriti Singh herself.

Earlier,The group has successfully performed – True Ghost Stories, Shah Ki Kanjari, Breadcrumbs, Some Raw Love, The Little Prince.

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