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Boldness comes in different shades — try it with Bella Voste Intense Kajal and Eyeliner

Eyes are the most beautiful thing in a human’s body. Lot of songs, poems and shayaris are devoted to eyes. Eyes does not just let us see the world but also expresses emotions when words fail. Its very important to know about things that you use for your eyes be it your eye drop or cosmetics.
Eyeliner and Kajal are the basic cosmetic product that women use every day. Women love to put on kajal, they love to highlight the curves of their eyes. The thick coloured line that shows the boldness of those beautiful eyes. Why would anyone want to lag behind when there are a lot you can do to show your love for your for your eyes.
Bella Voste has got something for your eyes that would not just beutify it but also care it. Its Intense Eyeliner and Kajal comes in four different shades — French Roast, Royal Breeze, Rose Wine and Grand Rapids.
It is dermatologicaally tested and confirmed. It comes in a pencil structure that can be used as eyeliner and Kajal. All you have to do is to open the cap an apply it on your eyelids. Bella Voste Intense Eyeliner and Kajal lasts long for at least 10 hours and creates a soft and concrete line that gives a matte touch. The pencil styled kajal/eyeliner is really convinnenient to use. The best part about this product is that it is water and smudge proof. The texture of the kajal/eyeliner is so velvety and creamy that one swipe is enough to apply it and no reapplication is needed for the whole day.
One should be very sceptical about what is applied near eyes. As any hamful product can cause damage to the eyes and vision. Bella Voste Intense Eyeliner and Kajal is completely safe to use. As the product is water resistant the best way to clean the kajal/eyeliner is to remove it with Bella Voste Aqua Makeup Remover. Just apply it in a cotton ball and swipe it through your eyelids.
Who does not like a beautiful wing liner that gives a perfect matte look that too in a pocket friendly budget. Bella Voste Aqua Makeup Remover is available in almost every shopping website in an affordable price.
This kajal/eyeliner is available in different shades for quirky and classy looks for different occasions. So for the next time if want everyone else to else to be intimidated by your bold and beautiful eyes, do not forget to apply Bella Voste Intense Kajal and Eyeliner.

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