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Confessions of A Dying Mind

First Philosophical Novel Written by a Young IAS Officer, Mr Haulianlal Guite


New Delhi, India, 19th May 2017: “Confessions Of A Dying Mind” is a non-fiction novel written by Haulianlal Guite, an IAS Officer from the state of Manipur, currently serving in Rajasthan. The book was unveiled today by Shri Kiren Rijiju, Honourable State Minister for Home Affairs in presence of Dr. David Syiemlieh, Honourable Chairperson, UPSC at Civil Services Officers’ Institute, New Delhi.


The book is the world’s first philosophical novel on God and explores the nature of science, religion, evidence and even love. It makes use of the latest findings of modern science and the most solid theories in philosophy.


On his first novel, Mr Haulianlal Guite said, “The Book explores the most important question; whether modern science has done away with God?  Hundreds of books have been written on God. But these are mostly scholarly treatises not accessible to the lay reader as they tend to be dense, dry and full of jargon. Also, my book is written as a nonfiction novel since the plotline is a demonstration of my central argument: that whether we believe or disbelieve, there is no evidence for or against. This use of the novel format makes it the world’s first philosophical novel ever written for God.”


Speaking on the occasion of book launch, Shri Kiren Rijiju, Honourable State Minister for Home Affairs said,” I haven’t read the book yet but I am sure that the book is a masterpiece which takes its readers into the world between science and philosophy. Mr. Haulianlal Guite’s comprehensive knowledge of contemporary philosophy is truly astonishing. I wish him all the best for all his future endeavours.”

The title, “Confessions Of A Dying Mind” alludes to the story of the main protagonist, Albert Dyers – an atheist who undergoes a life-transforming near-death experience. The book is presented as a series of novelized discussions between Mr. Dyers who is in a coma and experiencing the effects of a Near-Death Experience; and a mysterious Mr. Walker, either a figment of his imagination, or a divine figure sent by some force unrevealed, or a distillation of his own inner contemplations, to teach him the meaning of life, religion and all the rest.  What makes this book distinctively different from others is that all the arguments and questions are presented through stories woven into the plotline of the novel itself.


“Becoming an author has been a longstanding dream of mine. Writing is an enduring passion. It comes so naturally that I cannot imagine what I will be without the pen. Inevitably, you can expect more of my books to come!” Mr Haulianlal Guite adds.


It is the first non-fiction novel written by a North-East Indian and also the first philosophical novel by an Indian Civil Servant since John Stuart Mill published “On Liberty” in 1858.


The book is available online @ http://www.amazon.in/Confessions-Dying-Mind-Blind-Atheism/dp/938643220X


About the Author:


Haulianlal Guite, is the eldest of four siblings of Dr. Thangchinkhup Guite and Dr. Dr. Paozachiin Guite. After completing his matriculating from Manipur, he moved to New Delhi for higher education. Mr. Guite graduated in Philosophy from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University (DU), and took admission in postgraduate program of Modern History at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). In 2011, Mr Guite cleared the Union Public Service Commission Examination by securing All India Rank 33.  After entering the IAS he completed his masters in Sociology.


Mr. Guite has already served as the executive magistrate of Jaipur (S) and of Mount Abu, and the Municipal Commissioner of Ajmer. As the SDM of Mount Abu, he is credited with effectively halting illegal construction activities during his tenure; and as Ajmer Municipal Commissioner, he had introduced various smart solutions to city governance, for which he won the “Best City Initiatives” Award from Municipalika. His current assignment is as Secretary in Jaipur Development Authority.

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