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Delhiites rejoice : Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine Training Institute opens in Delhi

Offers hands-on training and courses in metabolic nutrition, anti-ageing & aesthetics and cosmetic gynaecology for scientists, doctors, dermatologists and nutritionists

New Delhi, January, 2018: Health and look conscious Delhiites rejoice. You’ve got another exclusive Institute for Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine to take care of your health and aesthetic woes. Cosmo Stem was launched in The Park Hotel today. Housed in the upmarket area of Greater Kailash I, the Cosmostem Institute of Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine provides researchers, scientists, doctors, dermats and nutritionists an opportunity to hone their skills in regenerative aesthetic medicine through hands-on training and certificates courses.

Clients can also undergo Regenerative Aesthetic procedures for G-Spot augmentation, Urinary Stress Incontinence, Botox Filler Peels, Keto Diet, Laser and RF, Adipose Tissue Processing, PRP in Infertility, Cosmetic Gynaecology, PRP Liposuction and Body Countering at the Institute.

In regenerative aesthetic therapy, stem cells derived from the patient’s, own blood, bone marrow or adipose tissue is administered to rejuvenate body tissues/cells. Stem cells are master cells with an inherent property to self-renew and differentiate into other cell types. The revolutionary cell treatment offers significant results because one’s own blood has amazing healing properties with least risk of rejection or allergic reaction.

The Institute will offer training module on Metabolic Nutrition Functional and Integrative Medicine; Anti-Ageing and Aesthetics, Stem cell and Regenerative Medicine and Non-Invasive Cosmetic Gynaecology. The courses have been developed by scientists and clinicians with the aim of advancing research and therapeutics in Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine. Thereare different courses one can take up. Their duration varies from 2 days to 6 months and the cost from Rs 25,000 – Rs 3,50,000. The institute also has provision for short and long term internships.

Talking of the initiative, Dr Prabhu Mishra, stem cell expert and founder of the Cosmostem Institute said, “Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine is new field which is expanding the frontiers treatment for all kinds of metabolic, autoimmune and lifestyle and aesthetic disorders. We are scientists helping scientists and doctors. Our interactive technical training is up to date with the latest tools and protocols. Our vision is to create a better and healthy world with cellular therapies and regenerative medicines. We aim at leveraging the benefits of cell therapy for good health and anti-aging benefits.”

Also, Dr Mishra who is also the Founder President of the Anti-Ageing Foundation (India) also chose the occasion to launch ME Health Magazine, a new, first of its kind anti-ageing magazine in India from the StemGenn Group. StemGenn Therapeutics is a leading player in the field of research and development of efficient and affordable Cell Therapy, Preventive and Personalized Functional Medicine for a wide range of Metabolic, Auto immune and Lifestyle conditions.

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