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Dream Bigger Do Bigger : An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Ankur Pare

Dr. Ankur Pare is an International and National renowned young educationist, sociologist, author and social scientist. He had created history by achieving success at a young age. He is from rural background, the very small village Dulia of Harda district of Madhya Pradesh. His father is a farmer and mother is a Housewife. He had done Ph.D. from Sociology Subject, M.Phil. (Sociology), UGC-NET (Sociology), M.A. (Sociology), PGDCA, B.Com (Taxation). Recently he is Post Doctoral Fellow in ICCSR, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India. Dr. Ankur Pare’s fame is not only in India but also in abroad. He is also being called by NGO / Foundation as an Advisor and Project Director from abroad. He received many International and National awards. He got “Indira Gandhi Award” by Government of India and “Madhya Pradesh Rajya Ster Rashtriya Seva Yojana Award” by Government of Madhya Pradesh. His many scientific research papers had published in the International Research Journal. His Recent Book is “Sociological Study of the Displaced Families”. He is a model for the younger generation of today. Today, we will know about Success Story of Dr. Ankur Pare.

 Always keep your goal big –

Dr. Ankur Pare tells that when your goal is big, you will get small success easily. I have always kept big goals in my life. Your goal should be such that the people around us also get benefit from your success. When we have this purpose, all the powers of the Universe will make us successful. Whenever I set any goal, I definitely see that with my goals, how can the country, the society and the people around me be benefitted.

 Best Use of Time –
Dr. Ankur Pare tells that the most important work should be done firstly. He uses the rules of Pareto 20/80 in all his works. Our 20% priority gives us 80% success. He divide his work in 3 categories A, B, C. Under A category, he keep those things which are very important for my life. Under B category, he keep those things which are important but can be done even if given less time. Under C category, he keep those things which even he do not do; there will be no special loss in his life.

 Humility and Simplicity –

Dr. Ankur Pare point out that humility and simplicity had contributed a lot to his success. You will be successful if you remain polite and simple. The people move away from proudy person. If you have talent, knowledge or you are a successful person but your success will be incomplete if you are proudy. You should always be polite and simple.

 Avoid delaying the work –
Dr. Ankur Pare tells that when he set any goal, then he do it with full strength to get succeed. People who are always saying that they do not get time, they are very busy but actually they are not busy, they are rumpled. Avoid delaying your work. When we have to do any work, just do it.

 Self Suggestion –
Dr. Ankur Pare tells that he uses daily self-suggestion method. One picture is equal to one thousand words. Dr. Ankur Pare point out its important contribution in his success. He uses it in every kind of goal (family, wealth, prosperity, health). Every night before sleeping and 20 to 30 minutes after awaking in the morning every day, he depicting his goal mentally and all his success is based on this formula.

 Meditation and Kriya Yoga –
Dr. Ankur Pare points out that he do meditation and Kriya Yoga daily which helps in becoming positive and gives strength to compete with troubles and problems. Despite being very busy, he practices yoga nidra, which provides wonderful energy.

 Accept bad situations –
Whenever there is a failure or disappointment in life or someone hurt you or you have a bad experience in your past, Dr. Ankur Pare says that you should accept them. When we accept negative emotions, then we start utilizing the time in doing positive work.

 Strength of Prayer –
Dr. Ankur Pare tells that he prays in the beginning of doing every small task which brings new energy and divine guidance for the work and impossible becomes possible.

 Struggle –
If there is failure and troubles at any time in life then face them because those seem to have failed, they are further staircases. Dr. Ankur Pare tells that he did preparation of Civil Services and he passed the prelims, main examinations of the Union and Public Service Commission and gave interviews, but at that time those failures seemed that how much time was wasted but today the importance of time given in preparation of civil services is known. Due to the preparation of civil services, he had a deep understanding of public administration, political system, constitution, international relation, environment and geography, world and Indian history, science and technology and economics which gave him success at the International and National level in academic and higher education. When you feel that failure is taking place in life then understand that it is a ladder to success.

 Team Work –
Teamwork has a special contribution in the success of Dr. Ankur Pare. According to him, you will be able to achieve success as soon as you can be able to do team work well, but it is a matter of taking care that only your own progress should not be done, focused should be on progress of every team member.

 Ability of leadership –
Dr. Ankur Pare is having charismatic leadership ability. According to him, to succeed in any field, whether it is business or higher education or academic field if you have good leadership ability, then you will be able to achieve success and will be able to take full advantage of capacity of your entire staff.

 Orator Style –
Dr. Ankur Pare is extremely influential and strong orator. He convinced people with his speaking style. In International and national seminars, conferences, workshops and programs crowd gather to listen his influential speech. The audience is very excited to listen to his social issues and motivational speeches.

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