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Get the golden glow at your home — Mond’Sub brings the gold infused mask in market

Every woman wants a golden glow in the skin. Since ages gold has been used to enhance women’s beauty and now the world knows its importance. This is why now there is a range of products with real gold infused in creams, facials and other beauty products. Gold has many properties that can do wonders for our skin.

Gold is not just the sign of affluence but also carries many benefits for your skin. Women do love ornaments but no ornament can compete with the glow and flawless skin you posses. And that is why women now concentrate more on their skin and its beauty. The gold provides shine and lightens the skin complexion. Gold treats sun damage, allergies, inflammation, enhances collagen production and reduces melanin production.

Adding gold to your face mask can do miracles for your skin. Mond’Sub 24K Gold Facial Mask that has pure gold in it for pure benefits for your skin. This facial mask is suitable for all skin types especially for dry skin as it moisturizes and hydrates the skin. It is good for lifting, tightening and smoothing the skin. It also treats the aging signs on skin.

The facial mask releases its nutrients in the skin in body temperature as soon as you apply it. It is highly permeable and that is why it enters the skin quickly. The gold compounds in the mask also exfoliate and starts treating the damaged cells.

This face mask is quite easy to apply. Step one: Wash your face and dry it with a clean towel. Apply the Mond’Sub 24K Gold Facial Mask and leave it for 30 minutes. Step two: Peel of the mask by slowly lifting the mask by side.

Before applying the mask in winter warm your face with hot towel for ten minutes. That will increase the effectiveness of the mask. In summer, you can keep the mask in refrigerator prior to the application for cooling sensation. Due to the sensations the facial becomes more comfortable and effective.

Each mask is for single use only. The mask is only for normal skin and one should not use it in case of wound, inflamed, eczema and other skin related diseases. Do small skin test before you apply the mask to know if your skin is not allergic to it.

Mond’Sub 24K Gold Facial Mask is really effective and is considered to be applied regularly for three consecutive days for best results. The facial also has glycerin that moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated.

Normally you can spend a lot of money in salon for gold facial treatment and be unaware of its ingredients that are being applied on your skin. But here you are assured of the content and contentment from the product. It is cost-friendly and hygienic facial mask you can you at your home. Stay beautiful and keep glowing with Mond’Sub 24K Gold Facial Mask.

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