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GLIMPSES OF THE VALE – Art Exhibition by Sireesha Srinivasan

Sireesha’s art is inspired by the life and environment around her. Her tryst with Kashmir was a boon in disguise.The topography of the place provided the picturesque landscape that she painted. We see the immense spatial effects and the grandeur of the valley that she exquisitely captures. Her works are infused with a feeling for the local landscape and not just an attempt to present improbable dream-like forms.

Most of her artworks are imbued with natural forms and colors. She eschews vivid drama in her handling of the visual space. She paints the photogenic scenery of Kashmir with controlled vitality, with traces of emotional quality that comes with being one with nature.
For Sireesha, these landscapes form an independent subject, seldom using it as a backdrop for human drama.

The flora, fauna and the people of Kashmir become part of her artistic drama that unfolds on canvas. The saffron flowers, the shikaras, the lambs etc. are real, emotive elements that come together in her paintings in a lyrical quality.

The harmony in her work is suggested through the external appearance of nature in its myriad forms. Sireesha strives to display a sense of universal rhythm of such organic forms in nature that creates a sense of wonder in the human mind.

Hailing from South India, Sireesha completed her masters before marrying DrSrinivas, an IPS officer of Jammu and Kashmir Cadre and stayed in every beautiful town of Kashmir from Kargil to Kupwara. She hsd spent more than two decades in Kashmir where there has been little premium for formal training in art and the security concerns for her have only limited the opportunities, if any, to pursue an art curriculum.

Sireesha, currently in Delhi, makes her foray into art world as an amateur, self-taught artist. She does not, however, find the lack of a curricular orientation as a limiting factor since the passion for her is to portray the picturesque beauty in front of her as she sees it in its original form. It is the reminiscences of the memorable time that was spent amidst the magical mountains that Sireesha expresses in her art with great zest and finesse.Her talent was nurtured for a while by Bhushan Kesar, a differently-abled artist from Jammu, and she is currently being mentored by Prof ZahoorZargar, doyen of landscape paintings.

Capturing nature’s landscapes on canvass with an impeccable ease and the serious attention to the finer details reflects her signature style. She dabbles with colors in oil and acrylics with poise and the serenity in her paintings is in synchrony and symphony with nature .

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