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InstaCuppa infuser bottle

Water detox our body and the more we consume it the more good it is for us. Even the doctors suggest drinking at least eight liters of water each day. But most of us tend to skip this amount and limit ourselves to few glass of water. That causes dehydration and is root to most of the health related problems. Drinking right amount of water in itself solves most of the health problem. But what if we tell you that we have something that can change your water drinking habit? What if we tell you that we have something that can make your water more healthy and fruitful? Would you believe it? Yes, we have healthier option for you and that is infused water.

InstaCuppa is an infuser that conveniently infuses fruit flavours and tea in the water. The bottle is very classy and easy to carry. It keeps the drink warm for long time. Infused water is a great alternative if do not like to drink plain water or you want to switch from caffeinated drinks to something healthy. Well, we have brought to you the healthy alternative. Infused water is great for detoxifying your body and adds the goodness of fruits. It also inspires to drink you more water in a day.

InstaCuppa Double walled Glass Green Tea/Detox Infuser Bottle is a great option for every health freak out there. The bottle is made of high food grade plastic which is BPA free. The eco-friendly unique cap of the bottle is made bamboo. It has leak proof silicon lining that prevents any leakage even if the water is warm. The infuser of the bottle is made of premium grade stainless steel. The infuser is used to keep the tea leaves to infuse it in water. The product is provided with two types of cover. A black coloured Neoprene sleeve till the bottom of the bottle’s lid for thermal insulation and is sweat free. The other one is for the whole bottle with cap in it.

This is used to infuse tea or fruits in water. This bottle is handy and so is easy to carry along wherever you go. This is a tea infuser bottle that has double glass wall that keeps the liquid hot for long. The water is visible through the glass wall and thus helps to track the content in it.

All you have to do is to add tea leaves in the infuser and place it in the bottle. Then pour the hot water in it. The flavoured water is ready. Flavoured water is high in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Flavouring the water naturally is great as it is free from all the chemicals and preservatives.

InstaCuppa infuser bottle motivates you to make a healthy habit that can change your entire life. This product is an initiative by a software engineer to who aimed to make something healthy and change the unhealthy lifestyle. InstaCuppa infuser bottle indeed changes our lifestyle and helps you to lead a healthy life.

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