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Jewellery Exhibition by Neety Singh

Jewellery designer Neety Singh hosted a two days jewellery exhibition for all the jewelry lovers where she showcased her latest collection. Her designs are inspired by the Mughal collection; her designs and inspiration are our Indian roots. A collection when contemporary design meets India heritage. Neety Singh creates timeless masterpieces, based on the traditional practice of ‘Meenakari’ with a refined modern aesthetic. The pieces are with delicacy in its vein and a contemporary adaptation of traditional styles, impeccably symbolizing today’s women tastes and preferences. Through her designs, she tries to break the myth that an investment cannot be beautiful or aesthetic.  In her exhibition she showcased latest range of Navratans, Chandbalas, polka necklaces, and chokars that can be worn on any occasion or with any outfits. The collection comprises beautiful uncut diamond necklaces, earrings, bracelets and bangles.

An epitome of vision, inspiration and self-belief, Jewellery designer Neety Singh strives to create culturally influenced and artistically forward fine jewellery – customized to aptly reflect the various hues and facets of her wearers’ personalities. The kinds you treasure forever; the special ones you pass on to generations as an heirloom close to your heart. Neety Singh was born with an ever creative mind that yearns for artistic growth and social upliftment. A patron of good design, Neety strives to create culturally influenced and artistically forward fine jewellery. Heirlooms of tomorrow, these are pieces a mother will pass onto her daughter.

Drawing inspiration from an amalgam of urban and classical characteristics ranging from bold and bohemian, every single piece she carves is arduously crafted and stylized in a distinctive manner. Neety believes in creating priceless masterpieces that are Indian in origin but universal in appeal, reflecting influences from bejeweled Mughal Prince and Princess and their beautifully affluent, intricate polkimeenakarikundan and jadau jewellery. Through her designs, she tries to break the myth that an investment cannot be beautiful or aesthetic.

Besides the beautiful pieces she creates herself, Neety also customises designs to suit the needs of her patrons. Actively involved in the production process of her pieces from their mining, to manufacturing, to designing and then finally retail, Neety backs her creativity with utmost quality and honesty. When not designing jewellery or meeting clients in her by-appointment atelier, Neety can be found spending quality time with her family.

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