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Make your water healthier and tastier

Healthy lifestyle is all that we seek and opting resources that helps you to attain it is all you need. What we eat and drink and timings of the consumption of these are very important. It often happens that people tend to ignore the need of water in their body and only drinks when they feel thirsty. Such habits are slowly and gradually making us unhealthy and overtaking the consumption of unhealthy drinks such as soda and cold drinks.

Remember our mothers used to advice us to carry a water bottle wherever we go, we have the same advice for you but it is not a simple water bottle that we are suggesting here. Today we are talking about InstaCuppta fruit infuser bottle.

Let us first tell you about infused water and the benefits of it. There are many people who don’t like to drink plain water and prefers to have tea, coffee or cold drinks instead. This is because we do have soft drinks in the market but there aren’t infused water that can fulfill the water requirement of body. Infused water is flavoured naturally by fruits; you can choose whichever fruit or fruits of your choice to flavour the water. Infused water is high in anti-oxidants and consuming them is beneficial for overall health. The water is flavoured right in front of you; the risk of preservatives of marketed drinks is diminished here. All you get with InstaCuppa fruit infuser bottle is natural healthy drink with no preservatives and chemicals used.

With a healthy habit of water consumption, the fruit infuser bottle is not limited to your kitchen. It is easily portable to wherever you go. Be it gym, kitty party, friends outing or jogging, this easy to carry bottle is with convenient handle.

InstaCuppa is eco-friendly and recyclable. Made from BPA free and high food grade plastic, it has customized anti-sweat sleeve. The bottle is leak proof and highly durable.

The bottle is provided of 1000 ml/34 ounces storage capacity with a full length infuser and a cleaner. The infuser is used to store the fruits that are used to flavour the water and the cleaner is made of soft multidirectional bristles for overall cleaning of the bottle.

A healthy lifestyle is all we seek and we search for everything that can ease it. So here is InstaCuppa fruit infuser bottle for you that will change the way you see your health.

This classy bottle is available in very affordable price of 999 INR.

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