• With the onset of the festive season, Neel Sutra proudly presents a new chapter in the
    book of tradition and design: The Gentleman’s Club.
    Gone are the days of black ties and boat shoes, this season Neel Sutra endeavors to
    bind fashion with culture, by revamping men’s clothing with an ethnic flair.
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    Arjun Saluja
    Dhruv Kapoor
    Antar Agni
    Sawan Gandhi
    Ajay Kumar
    Neel Sutra is a concept store that brings to fore the beauty of human workmanship
    and weaves from the roots of India. It is an unmatched curated experience where
    purity meets innovation, tradition meets experimentation and artistry meets design.
    Dhruv Kapoor:
    Dhruv Kapoor offers a rebellious take on dressing-up by combining extremes such as
    couture and refined experimentalism. Diverse inspirations, balance of extremes,
    cultural references and twisted modernity come together unexpectedly. The brand lays
    its foundation on quality, diversity with aesthetics derived from sportswear always
    maintaining wearability. Each collection combines textiles produced in- house,
    imported technologically advanced material along with handcrafted embroideries and
    a mix of surfaces.
    Ajay Kumar: Benares – Golden Dawn of Time Eternal
    Benares’ edifice is the source of all colour in life. The saffron golden hue is a pivotal
    to our story as it carries forth the beauty and spiritual ardor of the sacred city while,
    marigold yellow, green betel leaf, red sindoor, blue aqua and black smoke are colours
    absorbed from the ambience of the reverberant city. The prints are inspired from the
    skyline of soot-darkened temple backdrop, the waves of the holy Ganges, the grace of
    the Marigold and Lotus flower resulting in a geometric floral blocking of
    multitudinous prints, creating a fusion of opposites symbolising suffering and
    liberation, birth and death, sacred rituals and the unfolding of daily life.
    Benares is timeless yet modern as it is translated through the reflections of fabrics
    such as khaki silk, handmade cotton, gold tissue silk, luxe cotton and linen; essaying
    the evocative path one takes from one’s transition from prosaic to divine. Reworking
    heritage Indian dressing and putting it in a contemporary mold has been at the core of
    the brand. This romance with Benares echoes through these contemporary Indian
    silhouettes Cape Coats, Wrap-over trousers, long tunic shirts, kilts and cowl shirts.
    Arjun Saluja: Dissonance
    Break the song. We say. That jarring note that also makes music. Our age is of
    checkpoints. As we stop at each, we demolish the previous notes and introduce new
    rhythms. We scratch on the vinyl records. We take the note higher. We mix it to dig
    from the soul the cry for freedom. Here we have used dissonance in structures and
    drapes. The idea of deconstructing the classic silhouettes to create a new form. This is
    an attempt to break away from imagined realities.
    We have taken primal instincts, merged them with traditions that are societal
    constructs to create an expression that is unequivocally unique. The colours play as a
    muted background through this nomadic journey. The prints react to the geometry of
    our lives that is always disjointed.
    The embellishment are the vocabulary of our romance with the fictional memory,
    which the world calls “history “.
    Fabrics and textures are juxtaposed to celebrate the agony and the persistence of that
    scratching sounds that we find so erotic.
    We say let love be the cure. But love your own way. Break the song. This is an ode to
    Antar Agni:
    The new festive collection is a wave of energy, as this time around we are pushing our
    boundaries and doing the excess. The curation of a full black collection is how we
    define the use of more, alongside with hints of metal and silhouettes that are sharp and
    edgy, breaking the barriers of predictability as every layer unfolds itself one after the
    Sawan Gandhi:
    Sawan Gandhi is a Delhi based designer who designs both Pret and Haute Couture.
    His designs are seeped in tradition and draws inspiration from India’s rich cultural
    heritage .His clothes have a timeless quality and are reminiscent of an era gone by.
    His garments are known for their intricate embroidery with traditional motifs and
    amazing cuts and fall to exude an aura of Royalty.
    A traditionalist at heart he blends both modern and traditional styles with ease to suit
    the modern man yet retaining his signature style and sensibility.

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