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Some couples are made in heaven

Now here is a story that will make you believe in fairy tales.
narrated by the protagonist of the story itself

Few months ago , Our photographer after meeting us decided that the pre wed should be done in another city !

We gave in not realising what was in store for us
We reached kochi and immediately left for the shoot we reached the athirapilly waterfalls for our first look ,
We managed to change and reach the waterfall by 6:30 🕡 but sadly the waterfall was open till 7:00 only
And another set back the force of the waterfall was so so fast that we were drenched in water , I was really sad as my hair went unmanageable and my mascara smudged over my eyes
Still keeping our spirits high we managed to get few great clicks , but the mishaps didn’t end there
Later as everyone left we were still clicking and making boomerangs that the guard also left us alone

We went to the nearby shed to change our clothes so that we don’t catch cold , it grew dark and it started raining heavily we were stuck In the jungle with darkness , we couldn’t move because the camera equipments would have got wet ! We had no option but to wait in the stranded jungle … after half an hour when the rain ☔️ grew slow we decided to move as it was 30 mins walk to find scorpions on the path way ! We freaked out but managed to keep calm and reach the gate .. the gatekeeper was furious and murmured something in Kannada to which we didn’t bother all we were concerned to be safe and out of that scary jungle …
we thought 💭 now we will be cautious and not have another adventure but as we reached at our second location the beach

We saw that the rocks had leeches on them so we decided to stand on the upper ones and clearer ones
As we started after a couple of minutes I realise something of grey and maroon colour to my horror I realise it is a chameleon !!!!!!! Changing its colour from the rocks to the colour of my gown !!!!!!!!!

Keeping calm I shoved him down towards beech .. later there were crabs to see our pre wed too 😋😂
Then the last and the most memorable adventurous mishap was to be in a position to miss our flight due to rain and heavy traffic and we had to return the zoom car on the way to airport !
We had 8:15 flight and we were in Ola cab @7:40 thinking and praying to god to do any miracle that they check in our baggage as baggage counter closes 45 minutes prior …

I didn’t loose hope where as my fiancé and my brother were busy thinking what will we do ..
To our luck and some magic yes they did let us in and we boarded the flight running and gleaming from the funny adventurous pre wed and catching flight in the Bollywood style !

It was unforgettable pre wed for us and the team. So we learned that those happy and romantic pictures have a struggle of their own
In the end all’s well that ends well

P.s but even after all the hurdles and the hard work the result turned out be great ! The grapes are sweet ….

P.p.s I know from the pictures nobody will be able to judge what we went through

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