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Startupoid launches Healthpreneur’17, An International B-Plan Competition on the occasion of International Yoga Day

New Delhi, 10th June, 2017 : Startupoid, a Delhi based organisation founded in March 2017, is organising an online International Business Plan Competition, Healthprenuer’17 (www.healthpreneur.startupoid.com), on the occasion of Third International Yoga Day, 21st June, 2017. Winners will get a chance to raise funds upto $50,000 and free mentorship from reputed mentors. Registration starts from 10th June on the official website, and deadline for the same is 30th June 2017. Heathpreneur is expected to witness a huge participation from all around the world.

Healthcare has always been an important aspect in the lives of humans. Accessibility to healthcare with incorporation of modern advancements in medical technologies at affordable costs has always been the need of the hour. Healthpreneur would be a promising event providing worthy opportunities to social entrepreneurs working towards out-of-the-box ideas for making healthcare cheap, affordable, accessible and modernized.

Healthpreneur would witness 3 rounds for comprehensive evaluation of participants. First round will involve participants uploading a video pitching their business plan. Shortlisted candidates on the basis of first round will be required to submit a proper B-Plan and participants selected for the final round would get an opportunity to interact with and present themselves to prospective investors. Judgement would be done by a panel of experienced entrepreneurs and investors. Parameters for the judgement would be quality, feasibility, potency of the business model, target market size and a few other parameters. “The competition evaluates everything- right from pitching your innovative idea, to drafting a business plan, and to present it to potential investors”, claims Startupoid.

“We believe Innovation and Hard Work are the two pillars for successful entrepreneurship, which pushes the world towards a brighter future. For this, entrepreneurs need to have a deep understanding of the startup culture. Our vision is to promote entrepreneurship by bridging the gap between innovation and success. With this vision, we launch Healthpreneur : An opportunity for entrepreneurs working towards the development of Healthcare or Bio-Tech sector, to prove themselves. If you can dream it, you can do it.” says Yugansh Chokra, Founder of Startupoid.

Registering for the event can be done at https://healthpreneur.startupoid.com/registration/. Startups which are looking for pre-seed and seed capital with market existence of not more than 3 years can apply, individuals with idea can also apply.

About Startupoid

Founded in March 2017, Startupoid is an organisation to promote Entrepreneurship by creating a platform to connect startups, investors, incubators and accelerators under one roof. Startupoid acts as a catalyst in helping start-ups to survive and grow through the difficult early stages of development.

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