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Super99 store – A top destination for low-priced everyday products

Super99 store is really for those who love buying everyday products at amazingly low prices. We found out this store during a recent visit the Opulent Mall in Ghaziabad. It definitely deserves a look!

Good thing about the store
Price, obviously! It struck me how prices can be that low! Surprised, I also liked the variety and range on offer as the store stocks products from categories such as Kitchen & Dining, Toys & Games, Beauty, Snacks, Stationery, Home Accessories, Gift & Décor, and Ready to Wear and Bathroom items.
The best part, low prices were for all products. I took time, browsed through the racks there and tried to make sense of offers and discounts. The store was full of everyday items like cup, mugs, plates, piggybacks, flasks and all those things.

The ‘99’ catch
When it entered the store, I thought they were offering every item at Rs 99. Which was not the case. But yes, they have strategically priced every items in a denominator of 99.
So, you can expect products to start from INR 99 and be available in 199, 299 and so on. Wait, I was saw some products under 50! It tried grabbing them all but left them for some other times.

What I bought?

Well, I was extremely tired and hungry. So, thought of buying some snacks. I chanced up the boxes of butter cookies stacked up there and picked out one. It felt tasty and crunchy. Given the packaging and all those, the cookies were extremely cheap, dare I say, dirt cheap!

We can safely recommend Super99 for two main reasons – price and quality. You can visit the store near your house and buy top everyday products at extremely low prices. What else you need!

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