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Talk on Food Safety Awareness hosted by Dr.Saurabh Arora

New Delhi: Notable panelists Dr Saurabh Arora ( Founder of Foofsafetyhelpline.com,MD Auriga reserach and Director at Arbro Pharmaceuticals) , Dr Pawan Vats(Vice President at Auriga Research Formely with FDA,NEW DELHI ), Nishant Choubey (Corporate Chef at The Roseate, New Delhi) and Amin Ali( Special correspondent with The Times of India) will speak on food safety at Oxford Bookstore, CP on 16th June to generate awareness in this regard. The instructive session will be helpful to stakeholders in the food industry, particularly hoteliers and restaurant owners.

Food safety is a major health issue in India, where there is a challenge to feed a large and geographically diverse population. Maintaining a strict food safety policy is important because its implementation leads to a consistent standard of food being served.

Dr Arora, will also speak on emerging food trends, including food startups and online food retailing. This will be particularly interesting to budding entrepreneurs who want to make most out of the takeaway model of ordering food. He will speak about how to begin tomorrow’s food business.

Adhering to top class food safety standards in the hospitality sector is an important issue. If left unchecked, it may cost hoteliers and restaurateurs several lakhs in fines. Besides the fines, it also damages the company’s reputation and brand loyalty that may take years to recover.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) play an important role to formulate and control procedures. It implements and controls food quality processes so as to eliminate hazardous and toxic elements. Right from checking the ingredients for preparation to the final packaging, everything is done under the watchful eyes of FSSAI.

Dr Arora will also talk about food licensing, another important issue that involves the entire food industry. He will speak about specific food safety challenges. Attendees will be able to gain insights about potential solutions to these challenges.

The session will be a good opportunity to interact with stakeholders from the food industry, food manufacturers and processors, hotel and restaurant owners, startup operators, online food retailers and representatives of food laboratories.

About The Panelists

Dr. Saurabh Arora ( Founder,FoodSafetyhelpine.com, MD Auriga reserach and Director at Arbro Pharmaceuticals )

Dr Arora heads the testing laboratory and research business at Arbro and Auriga, a position he has held for close to 11 years. These laboratories serve clients in the food, retail, hospitality, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, agricultural, medical device, research, academics and real-estate industries. Dr Arora is a leading subject matter expert on food safety and has founded Food Safety Helpline, an online portal which facilitates the food industry to stay updated with industry norms and understand and implement the requirements of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. He has also founded lab-training.com, an e-learning platform for professionals and aspiring students.

Dr. Pawan Vats:
Ph.D in Chemistry and a Post Graduate in Foods & Drugs Analysis, Dr. Pawan Vats is at present the Vice President at Auriga Research. He has an extensive experience in the field continuing since years. He has worked previously with Department of Food Safety, Government of NCT of Delhi. His practice also involved training of Food Safety Officers, designated officers, adjudicating officers and PGDFSQM for IGNOU. He has also reviewed Food Safety Act & rules, Delhi PFA rules. Dr. Pawan has also been a third Party Auditor-BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and been an important member of Food Safety and Standards Act, Rules & Regulations with different industry bodies.

Nishant Choubey:
Corporate Chef at The Roseate, New Delhi. Nishant Choubey comes from a family of academicians. Graduated from Bhopal catering college, he has worked for various major-league players such as Oberoi group of hotels, Rajvilas Jaipur, Jumeirah Group, olive, kitchen mehrauli, Japanese restaurant ai and lap, Dusit Devarana New Delhi and celebrity restaurant Cibo.

He does not consider cooking a profession but an exquisite gourmet experience. He has earned numerable achievements to add to his account which includes selection for Southern US training by Southern Foods Program in 2010, 1 st prize at the Bocus d’Or competition held at Ashoka Hotel, Master Chefs Classes at the World Gourmet Summit (Rising Stars of the Century), Singapore, International Restaurant Exposure Tour and many more.

Interestingly, he has also represented India at the Madrid Fusion 2015 and has won the chef of the year 2015 by Outlook.

Besides he has also written a book on Ayurveda linked food gastronomy in association with roli books and created a historic Pop UP at Indus Bankok on Progressive Indian Cuisine.

Amin Ali
Amin Ali is a special correspondent with The Times of India, a leading media house in India.
A notable media and communication professional, he has graduated in English literature from Delhi University and studied journalism at Times School of Journalism. His years of hard work has gained him expertise in writing, media relations, digital media, television, blogging, public relations and more.

Coming with a remarkably panoptic experience, he has been working with the Times Group for over a decade.

He has ventured successfully in multifold domains and is a well known name now. He writes on various lifestyle domains such as food, travel and city features. Besides, he has gained requisite savoir faire in political interviews.

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