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The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi Brings to you Grand Trunk Culinary Journey – Kolkata

This April The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi takes you to KOLKATA, the final pit stop of the Grand Trunk Culinary Journey. The food festival celebrates cuisines from across the NH1 (Grand Trunk Road), bringing to you mouth-watering dishes from various cities that come along the way.  The journey began with Amritsar, made stops at Old Delhi and Banaras and now ends with the delicacies from Kolkata.

To bring out the authentic flavours of Kolkata, Chef De Cuisine Ashwani Kumar Singh travelled to the City of Joy to gather the secrets that lie hidden amongst the busy lanes of a city famous for its indulgent variety of Bengali cuisine.

The food festival aims at recreating the culinary delights as well as the ambience of Kolkata and brings together its culture and music for an unforgettable experience. To amplify this experience the food festival would also play host to exclusive story-telling sessions on weekends.

Delight your taste buds and spoil yourself by dwelling in the culinary treasures exclusively from the city of KOLKATA at our outdoor patio, Frangipani which would resemble a mini-Kolkata.

Come and enjoy specially curated dishes by the chef such as Parshe Maccher Jhal, Kosha Mutton, Puchka & Jhal Muri, Luchi, Sita Bhog, Langcha, Sondesh and much more.

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