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Tread on a global culinary journey with FreshMenu.com

Now the best of Portuguese, Cuban, Peruvian and British cuisine delivered right at your doorstep

Bangalore, June 1, 2017: This June, FreshMenu.com presents “Food Trails”, a delectable journey through diverse cuisines from around the world. Treat your senses to a culinary experience, as you indulge in phenomenal dishes from Britain, Peru, Cuba and Portugal. Curating an array of lip-smacking dishes, the menu offers the best of world cuisine. Artistically prepared with authentic, hearty and fresh ingredients, each dish flaunts its own cultural essence with a unique flavor.
“Food Trails” gives a sense of traversing through the food cultures of these 4 unique countries over the course of 4 weeks, at the comfort of our living rooms.
Here’s a preview of what “Food Trails” has in store:
Pomfret Recheado
Explore the Portuguese flavor with this delicious dish. Delight your taste buds as you take a bite of the grilled baby pomfret marinated in recheado (a mix of Goan vinegar, chillies, mustard, jeera, fenugreek and whole spices). In addition chilli coriander rice gives the dish its complimentary fresh taste.

Arroz Con Chicken
Experience the streets of Cuba as you bite into this irresistible dish. Taste the succulence of the chicken, beautifully heated to a golden finished and prepared with Spanish-Cuban sauces and olives. Give yourself a delicious tour of this vibrant culture.

Aji Peppers Paneer Bowl

Tour the refreshing lands of Peru with this enticing delight. The Aji peppers are a family of peppers mostly native to Peru, Ecuador and Chile and they give the dishes the most piquant taste to make you swell in pleasure. Try this cottage cheese dish with a little enhancement of them Aji peppers.

English Breakfast
Make your breakfast a little quaint with this wholesome meal straight from Great Britain. A scrumptious way to start a morning, this breakfast is made enticing with perfectly cut chicken sausages, chicken salamis, mashed potatoes, and baked beans. Go ahead have a pleasant morning.

FreshMenu is excited to bring these exotic flavors to your palate, creating this great journey filled with irresistible cuisines and a lot of cultural learnings.
The schedule of the cuisines is as below:
1 Jun – 4 Jun: PORTUGUESE
7 Jun – 11 Jun: CUBAN
15 Jun – 18 Jun: PERUVIAN
21 Jun – 25 Jun: BRITISH
Join FreshMenu in its journey to explore global flavors
About FreshMenu.com
FreshMenu is an online restaurant that serves freshly-made, chef-cooked gourmet meals in a box. Started in Bangalore, the company has expanded its services to Mumbai and Delhi-NCR. It pioneered the concept of app-based food delivery kitchens in the country. A team of about 500, FreshMenu.com operates its own kitchens, cooks food in-house, and runs its own delivery fleet to drive the entire process of food ordering.
It was founded in 2014 by an IIM Ahmedabad alumni, Rashmi Daga, who has previously worked with cab aggregator Ola and online jewellery store Bluestone. Aimed at rescuing food- seekers from mundane meals, FreshMenu is on a constant quest to whip-up interesting food options in the kitchens spread out across the city that deliver freshly cooked food to the doorsteps of its customers. It received Series B funding in January 2016 of Rs. 110 crore led by Zodius Capital with participation from existing investor Lightspeed Venture Partner and had raised $5 million in Series A round of funding in 2015 from Lightspeed Venture Partners.

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