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Droom launches its HR App

The app is intended to provide visiting users and new recruits with a quick overview of the organization, while bridging the waiting time
New Delhi, April 04th, 2017: Droom, India’s pioneering online automobile transactional marketplace, has launched an HR mobile app, which will now host a whole new set of interesting facets. The App is intended to provide visiting guests and new recruits with a quick overview of the organization, while bridging the waiting time.

The app has every information about Droom, including prevalent vacancies within the company, so that interested candidates can apply directly. The application provides great utility in terms of portraying Droom’s culture and core values, specifically to interview candidates at Droom or at campuses.

Speaking on the same, Sandeep Aggarwal, Founder and CEO, Droom, commented, “We are currently looking at hiring in big numbers. The HR app aims to provide more content to candidates sitting at Droom office while they have come to give an interview. It is a major move towards creating a paperless office. The added features are a bonus that will inform existing and potential candidates with every information that they need. We, as a company are growing at a blitzkrieg rate and this new initiative is a logical and strategic move in that direction.”

Commenting on the features of this new app, Babita Vaishnawa, Senior Director – Human Resources, Droom, “We have introduced many interesting features and updates to engage and immerse individuals visiting our HR app, including those who are looking to join our team or passive visitors, just seeking information. This app will streamline all HR processes conveniently and smoothly.”

For instance, the HR app home page has added three blocks, namely, About Sandeep, which will lead the person to Droom’s Founder website – www.sandeepaggarwal.com, next comes the OBV which leads the visitor or a candidate to www.orangebookvalue.com (a platform that helps in determining the fair market price of used vehicles via algorithms.) The third block is termed as Droom History. Here, the app visitor will be directed to the page, www.droomhistory.com.

To manage the app in a better way, Droom has also added a module in the matrix – HRMP which primarily capture the feedback gathered from candidates and guests and collects and analyses visitors site surfing behavior. Droom has also updated all the latest photos and videos in the app.

About Droom

Founded in April 2014 in Silicon Valley, droom is India’s first online marketplace to buy and sell new and used automobiles and automobile services. Droom has taken a completely innovative and disruptive approach to build trust and pricing advantages for buyers.

The current experience of buying and selling an automobile is completely broken, antiquated and full of pitfalls. Droom offers a truly 21st century experience in buying and selling automobiles. With its technology driven marketplace approach, Droom enables transactions between buyers and sellers by bringing transparency, building trust, and mitigating information asymmetry. Droom is a mobile first marketplace with a presence on three platforms i.e. Android, iOS and Desktop.

Droom is among the fastest growing consumer Internet companies in India with 100k+ B2C sellers, 21k+ products, 128k+ listings 6,307 cr.+ in listed GMV, 3.9 Mil+ FB Community members (highest for any automobile community in India) and over 4.7Mil+ downloads for mobile apps.

Droom has a very strong and proven founding team with 50 years of combined experience in technology, Internet, E-commerce and FMCG including 20 years in Silicon Valley. Sandeep Aggarwal is founder of Droom. Prior to Droom, Sandeep founded ShopClues.com, India’s first and largest managed marketplace and 5th Unicorn in the Consumer Internet space in India. Droom has a team of 200+ and is funded by some of the leading global venture investors

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