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AGNIPUTR – When Agni first Spoke – By Author Vadhan

Bloomsbury Publications First Fantasy Fiction By An Indian Author.


May 2017 : Author Ashwin Sanghi, launched Author Vadhan 2nd fictional Novel AGNIPUTR – When Agni first Spoke. The book is Bloomsbury Publications (Publisher of the Harry Potter Series) first fantasy fiction by an Indian Author.


AGNIPUTR is a fusion of Indian mythology and quantum science. Set in present day India, the book’s significant attribute is its emotional connect with its readers on many levels, whether it is politics, fantasy, science, independence, freedom, second chances, sacrifices and even law.


While releasing the Book, Ashwin Sanghi India’s No. 1 historical / mythological thriller writer said “  I am delighted to be launching Vadhan’s novel Agniputr at PILF. I am sure that Vadhan’s imagination and storytelling will appeal to a wide audience.”


Audience at the launch, were given an introduction to the book through a skit, an enactment of the last scene of the first chapter. It starts with the entry of the tantrik into a castle “under the cloak of despair and mourning over the death of its heir apparent”. 


The tantrik, grievously injured, confesses to the murder of the heir apparent to the king and reveals that the castle is now home of the energy called Sutram, a thing that can burn this world down like it was a matchstick. 


He warns the king that the only way to stop the Sutram is with the Agniputr. Before the king can find out what the Agniputr is, the tantrik dies. the skit ends with the worried king wondering what Agniputr is.


About Author VADHAN

Vadhan (Mr Bommadevara Sai Chandravadhan ) is a transactional lawyer by profession and Managing Director of the two-time award winning legal consultancy company, Sand Legal Services Private Limited. He has a 25 year standing in the legal field. Vadhan entered the literary field in 2015 with his debut fantasy fiction novel, Shatru, a part of the Kronikles series. For further details please visit  www.authorvadhan.com, www.facebook.com/authorvadhan.

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