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Opt for a healthy lifestyle with InstaCupppa

Are you tired of soaking your vegetables or fruits overnight? Are you tired of standing in the kitchen by the time the tea boils? Have you ever wished for something that can decrease your beverage cooking time?

InstaCuppa has brought you a revolutionary product that can not only decrease your beverage cooking time but also allows you to carry it wherever you want. The instant and convenient InstaCuppa is basically a flavor infuser that is used to make tea, coffee and fruit mix drink. This 3 in 1 Cup is made up of copolyster material of food grade plastic which is high durable and is recyclable. It looks like a jug with an infuser. The jug is filled with water and the infuser is filled with the material that can be used to flavour the drink.

There are different recipies of drinks that can be tried and our country is blessed with innumerable flavours. From fruits to flavoured tea and coffee, there is world out there of healthy drinks that is just waiting to for you to choose them. Make it, experiment with it and drink it.

InstaCuppa is a product by a software engineer who aimed to reduce the use of low quality plastic and provide a better alternative of it in the market. With ambition to create something healthy, he came up with this unique product, InstaCuppa. It is ideal to make healthy drink in no time. It is 100 per cent Bisphenol A (BPA) free product, you can prepare your drink without worrying about the quality of the plastic that usually remains a major concern with all plastic made product.

If you love flavours and often looks up to mix them to produce something new, here is InstaCuppa for you. You think and the drink is ready. Infused drink is highly beneficial as it is said to be high in anti-oxidant and vitamins. The flavoured liquid also helps to motivate more water intake that flushes out all the toxins of the body with benefits of the fruit. What can be better than double benefit of drinking water!

InstaCuppa inspires you to follow a healthy routine on a daily basis. A habit to consume infused drinks can change your health completely. Most of the diseases today our generation is facing are either due to low quality of product i.e; plastic and bad polymers or less water intake.

InstaCuppa is provided with a cleaning brush with soft bristles that not only cleans the product but also prevents any scratch on it. Given the long handle of the brush, it is reachable to the bottom of the jug and bristles on the tip of the brush are multi-directional to provide overall cleaning.

The instruction manual of the product is provided with it and guarantees you of 100 per cent satisfaction. InstaCuppa is a beverage maker for a healthy lifestyle that is recommended to opt at once.

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